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Thursday, June 25, 2020

Why did I prepare a page with the calculation of cross-multiplication online?

At school, I learned to count a triple, we learned the cross-multiplication. In the case of direct proportionality, something like:

2 people ....................... payment 1600 USD
3 people ....................... payment x

Since the payout will be logically higher, both arrows on the sides will go up - ⬆️⬆️

Then I wrote in the equation:

x: 1600 = 3: 2
2x = 3x1600
x = 3x1600 / 2
x = 2400

Of course, you can learn a formula, but I will never remember it right away. And there are situations where it is quick to know the result, for example when adjusting the recipe for cooking into more or less portions. And writing it on a paper is not always the mood. So it occurred to me to do a triple calculator online.

Well, if I've already made a calculator for cross-multiplication direct proportionality, why not do it directly for indirect proportionality? In practice, I probably didn't need it, but let it be together. 😃

I also found other calculators, but for them it was always necessary to confirm with a button for the calculation. I was able to shorten the execution of this calculation by this one step, ie as soon as you enter all three necessary data, you will immediately see the result.

Another advantage of this application is that if I need to calculate more values ​​from each other, I can save them in a temporary list and use it a while later. So let it serve!

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